With the philosophy of teaching the whole child, our curriculum includes a variety of activities to prepare the children for Kindergarten.

Our busy Buzzy Bee days find the children learning about religion, math, science, social studies and foreign language.  Other lessons may stir their interest in writing, computers, reading, art, health, music and movement.  Through positive guidance, the children continue to master cognitive, spiritual, physical, social and emotion skills in preparation for Nazareth School.

 At Nazareth School, we are blessed by the abundance of beautiful space that fosters both indoor and outdoor activities.  Inside, the children’s daily experiences take them from their classroom, to a comfortable nap room, to a music room for musical and physical expression.  Outside, our spacious grounds provide the children with a Buzzy Bee playground complete with toys, play equipment and an inviting lawn for more social interaction.

Additionally, the Buzzy Bees share a “Secret Garden” with Nazareth friends in the Sunflower Class and the Kindergarten where they are able to learn about the many gifts God provides us in nature.

Mrs. Mendoza, Gabrielle

Mrs. Sebring, Cynthia