Nazareth School San Diego Handbook

COVID-19 Testing Locations
COVID-19 Testing Locations in San Diego County


Put important dates on your calendar.

2020-2021 Annual Calendar
2020-2021 October Calendar
2020-2021 September Calendar
2020-2021 August Calendar


The information found in this handbook is intended to serve as a guide for our school community.  Please take time to review it carefully and highlight key information.

Parent Student Handbook


Hot Lunch Form/Menu (November)
Hot Lunch Form/Menu (October)
Nazareth School Logo Face Masks
Scrip Order Form
Specialty Scrip Order Form
Nazareth Release Form

On Campus Nazareth School

Nazareth School Reopening Plan 2020-2021
Nazareth School On Campus Covid-19 Health Protocols
COVID-19 Symptoms Video
Nazareth Campus Drop Off Video
Nazareth School Reimagined Video
CDC: Wash Your Hands How To Video

Parent Letters 2020-2021
Principal’s Letter 10/22/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/29/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/25/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/23/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/18/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/11/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/10/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/9/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/4/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/3/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/1/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/31/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/26/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/21/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/18/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/16/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/11/2020
Principal’s Letter 7/25/2020
Principal’s Letter 7/18/2020
Principal’s Letter 7/13/2020
Principal’s Introduction Letter 5/29/2020

School News 2020-2021

Nazareth School News 10/22/2020
Nazareth School News 10/16/2020
Nazareth School News 10/9/2020
Nazareth School News 10/2/2020
Nazareth School News 9/25/2020
Nazareth School News 9/18/2020
Nazareth School News 9/11/2020
Nazareth School News 9/4/2020
Nazareth School News 8/28/2020
Nazareth School News 8/21/2020

School Assemblies 2020-2021

Wednesday Assembly 10/21/2020
Thursday Assembly 10/15/2020
Thursday Assembly 10/8/2020
Thursday  Assembly 10/01/2020
Thursday Assembly 9/24/2020
Thursday Assembly 9/17/2020
Thursday Assembly 9/10/2020
Opening School Prayer 8/24/2020

School Mass

5th Grade Thursday Prayer Service 10/22/2020
7th Grade Friday Mass 10/09/2020
8th Grade Friday Mass 10/2/2020
4th Grade Friday Mass 9/25/2020
5th Grade Friday Mass 9/18/2020
6th Grade Friday Mass 9/11/2020
7th Grade Friday Mass 9/04/2020
8th Grade Friday Mass 8/28/2020

PTG News 2020-2021
Pumpkim Carving Contest Photo Gallery
PTG Volunteers Needed:  PTG Volunteer Survey
PTG New Parent Orientation 8/17/2020
PTG Summer Parent Meeting 08-06-2020
PTG Parent Survey and Zoom Meeting 8/6/2020

eLearning – Technology Acceptable use Policy

Google Classroom Log-In Video Tutorial
Gradelink Log-In Video Tutorial
Guide to creating a Zoom Account
How to Limit iPad Restrictions
IXL Learning Log-In Video Tutorial
See Saw Log-In Video Tutorial 

COVID-19 Resource Information
There are two different types of tests – diagnostic tests and antibody tests
SD County HHSA & Office of Edu:  Fever/COVID 19 Symptom Decision Tree
SD County HHSA & Office of Edu:  Fever/COVID 19 Symptom Decision Tree – Spanish
SD County Process for School Reopening
SD County Triggers Information
San Diego Covid 19 Text Alert Updates Sign Up
Stronger Together: A guidebook for the Safe Reopening of Cal Public Schools
Testing Locations in San Diego County
CDPH:  Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings
CDPH: COVID 19 Industry Guidance:  Schools and School Based Programs
CDC: The Importance of Reopening America’s Schools this Fall
CDC:  Use of Masks to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19
CDC: Cloth Face Covering Information (Cleaning, Wearing, Making, Etc.)
CDC: Handwasing Clean Hands Save Lives
CDC: Handwashing Video
CDC: How to Protect Yourself and Others
CDC: How to Protect Yourself and Others from COVID 19
CDC: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Homes
CDC: Keep Children Healthy and Active During COVID 19
CDC: What is Social Distancing?
CDC: COVID 19 Symptom Identification
CDC: What to do if I get Sick
CDC: 10 Things You Can Do to Manage Your COVID 19 (English)
CDC: How to Care for Someone Who is Sick at Home
List N – EPA: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19)

Distance Learning Resources
The Distance Learning Page is located under Academics