Nazareth School San Diego Handbook

COVID-19 Testing Locations
COVID-19 Testing Locations in San Diego County


Put important dates on your calendar.

2020-2021 Annual Calendar
2020-2021 January Calendar
2020-2021 December Calendar
2020-2021 November Calendar
2020-2021 October Calendar
2020-2021 September Calendar
2020-2021 August Calendar


The information found in this handbook is intended to serve as a guide for our school community.  Please take time to review it carefully and highlight key information.

Parent Student Handbook


Nazareth School License Plate Frames Order Form
Family Serivce Hours (November)
Hot Lunch Form/Menu (January)
Hot Lunch Form/Menu (December)
Hot Lunch Form/Menu (November)
Hot Lunch Form/Menu (October)
Nazareth School Logo Face Masks Order Form
Shop with Scrip Invite for Families
Scrip Order Form
Specialty Scrip Order Form
Nazareth Release Form

On Campus Nazareth School

Nazareth School Reopening Plan 2020-2021
COVID-19 Symptom Decision Tree
Nazareth School Reimagined Video
CDC: Wash Your Hands How To Video

Parent Letters 2020-2021
Principal’s Letter 12/4/2020
Principal’s Letter 11/20/2020
Principal’s Letter 11/13/2020
Principal’s Letter 11/6/2020
Principal’s Letter 10/30/2020
Principal’s Letter 10/22/2020
Principal’s Letter 10/16/2020
Principal’s Letter 10/9/2020
Principal’s Letter 10/1/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/29/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/25/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/23/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/18/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/11/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/10/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/9/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/4/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/3/2020
Principal’s Letter 9/1/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/31/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/26/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/21/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/18/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/16/2020
Principal’s Letter 8/11/2020
Principal’s Letter 7/25/2020
Principal’s Letter 7/18/2020
Principal’s Letter 7/13/2020
Principal’s Introduction Letter 5/29/2020

School News 2020-2021

Nazareth School News 1/14/2021
Nazareth School News 1/8/2021
Nazareth School News 12/18/2020
Nazareth School News 12/11/2020
Nazareth School News 12/4/2020
Nazareth School News 11/20/2020
Nazareth School News 11/13/2020
Nazareth School News 11/6/2020
Nazareth School News 10/30/2020
Nazareth School News 10/22/2020
Nazareth School News 10/16/2020
Nazareth School News 10/9/2020
Nazareth School News 10/2/2020
Nazareth School News 9/25/2020
Nazareth School News 9/18/2020
Nazareth School News 9/11/2020
Nazareth School News 9/4/2020
Nazareth School News 8/28/2020
Nazareth School News 8/21/2020

School Assemblies 2020-2021
Thursday Assembly 01/07/2021
Thursday Assembly 12/17/2020
Thursday Assembly 12/10/2020
Thursday Assembly 12/3/2020
Academic Thursday Assembly 11/19/2020
Thursday Assembly 11/12/2020
Thursday Assembly 11/05/2020
Thursday Assembly 10/29/2020
Red Ribbon Monday Assembly 10/26/2020
Wednesday Assembly 10/21/2020
Thursday Assembly 10/15/2020
Thursday Assembly 10/8/2020
Thursday  Assembly 10/01/2020
Thursday Assembly 9/24/2020
Thursday Assembly 9/17/2020
Thursday Assembly 9/10/2020
Opening School Prayer 8/24/2020

School Mass

Nazareth Friday Mass 01/08/2021
5th Grade Friday Nass 12/04/2020
6th Grade Friday Mass 11/20/2020
7th Grade Friday Mass 11/13/2020
Third Grade First Communion Mass and I Love You Lord song done in sign
All Saints Day Mass November 2, 2020
5th Grade Thursday Prayer Service 10/22/2020
7th Grade Friday Mass 10/09/2020
8th Grade Friday Mass 10/2/2020
4th Grade Friday Mass 9/25/2020
5th Grade Friday Mass 9/18/2020
6th Grade Friday Mass 9/11/2020
7th Grade Friday Mass 9/04/2020
8th Grade Friday Mass 8/28/2020

PTG News 2020-2021
A Christmas Message from PTG
Revised Turkey Trot Pie Contest Flier
Halloween Costume Contest Winner Photo Gallery
Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner
Pumpkin Carving Contest Runner-up
Pumpkim Carving Contest Photo Gallery
PTG Volunteers Needed:  PTG Volunteer Survey
PTG New Parent Orientation 8/17/2020
PTG Summer Parent Meeting 08-06-2020
PTG Parent Survey and Zoom Meeting 8/6/2020

eLearning – Technology Acceptable use Policy

Google Classroom Log-In Video Tutorial
Gradelink Log-In Video Tutorial
Guide to creating a Zoom Account
How to Limit iPad Restrictions
IXL Learning Log-In Video Tutorial
See Saw Log-In Video Tutorial 

COVID-19 Resource Information
There are two different types of tests – diagnostic tests and antibody tests
SD County HHSA & Office of Edu:  Fever/COVID 19 Symptom Decision Tree
SD County HHSA & Office of Edu:  Fever/COVID 19 Symptom Decision Tree – Spanish
SD County Process for School Reopening
SD County Triggers Information
San Diego Covid 19 Text Alert Updates Sign Up
Stronger Together: A guidebook for the Safe Reopening of Cal Public Schools
Testing Locations in San Diego County
CDPH:  Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings
CDPH: COVID 19 Industry Guidance:  Schools and School Based Programs
CDC: The Importance of Reopening America’s Schools this Fall
CDC:  Use of Masks to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19
CDC: Cloth Face Covering Information (Cleaning, Wearing, Making, Etc.)
CDC: Handwasing Clean Hands Save Lives
CDC: Handwashing Video
CDC: How to Protect Yourself and Others
CDC: How to Protect Yourself and Others from COVID 19
CDC: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Homes
CDC: Keep Children Healthy and Active During COVID 19
CDC: What is Social Distancing?
CDC: COVID 19 Symptom Identification
CDC: What to do if I get Sick
CDC: 10 Things You Can Do to Manage Your COVID 19 (English)
CDC: How to Care for Someone Who is Sick at Home
List N – EPA: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19)

Distance Learning Resources
The Distance Learning Page is located under Academics