Nazareth School LOgoWelcome to 4th grade at Nazareth School!  Fourth graders are enthusiastic learners who enjoy exploring new concepts and creating projects.

Fourth graders are expected to apply their reading and writing skills across the curriculum. Reading selections and classroom novels are more sophisticated at this level and students practice critical thinking skills as they respond to reading texts.

Math lessons are focused on applying basic skills as the students learn multi-digit multiplication, long division, fractions, and decimals. The students enjoy hands-on math lessons combined with partner and group work. Lots of review ensures that lessons learned are not forgotten!

We travel through California, beginning with the geography of our beautiful state. Then we move on to history, studying Native Californians and learning about the missions of California. We are very blessed that our school is adjacent to California’s first mission. We learn about the Gold Rush and visit Indian Hills Camp for an all-day field trip.

Fourth grade at Nazareth School is a wonderful place to learn and grow! 

Mrs. Maria Walthall

Fourth Grade Supply List

Fourth Grade Class Schedule