This year, the Seventh Graders will experience many exciting adventures inside and outside of the classroom. Continuing their high school preparation, students will focus on the “Life of Christ” in Religion, World cultures in Social Studies, Biology, Pre-Algebra, Writing and Grammar in Language Arts, many novel studies in Literature, Spanish 1A, Physical Education, as well as an integration of technology and the arts.

New to the Seventh Grade this year is the school-wide program “Mathletics”. “Mathletics” provides individualized learning catered to student ability. Its learning platform is the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy math and achieve outstanding results. Students will also have Spanish class twice a week, ensuring that they are well prepared for the high school foreign language curriculum.

A new art program, integrated throughout the entire curriculum, will include a focus on technology and digital design.

In January, students will participate in the Science Fair. Many will go on to compete in the Greater San Diego Science Fair and then onto the California State Science Fair. In the spring, the students will set out to sea to study marine life aboard the Marine Science Floating Lab.

It will be an exciting year for us!

Mrs. Laura Kinkead
Homeroom Teacher
Religion:  Grade 7
Math:  Grades 6, 7, 8
Literature:  Grade 7


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