Nazareth School San Diego Parents

With the help of parent participation at school functions, everyone involved benefits.  Each family is expected to contribute a total of thirty hours each year (fifteen for single parents).

The financial gap between our revenue from tuition and fees and the expenses for running the school, is considerable. This difference is made up by community subsidy and fundraising. We ask our parents to take an active role in the preparation and execution of our fundraising activities.

Parent Teacher Group

The purpose of the Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is to bring about a closer relationship between the school, home and parish.  All parents and members of Nazareth School staff are considered part of the PTG.

The dues and services contributed by the PTG help to provide needed programs, materials and services in support of the educational program.

The Parent Teacher Group meets six times during the school year for general meetings. One or both parents are expected to attend these meetings and to take an active part in the discussions and activities.