Sixth grade is an exciting time of change for our students. It is the first year of their middle school experience. Students move to different classrooms for a variety of subjects during the day and it can sometimes be overwhelming. Rest assured, they will quickly be comfortable in their new role as a middle school student.

One of the highlights of 6th grade is camp. Students spend a week in beautiful Julian, connecting to nature and God. Relationships grow stronger and students grow as a family.  Sixth Grade Camp is a wonderful outdoor learning experience for the students and fosters growth in their social and leadership skills.

As sixth graders, the students will begin enhance their lives of service. All middle school students are asked to complete 5 hours of service each quarter. This is a great opportunity for students to embrace the Core Values of the Sisters of Nazareth and develop a spirit for others.

By the end of 6th grade, students are comfortable in their new role as a middle school student and ready to enter 7th grade with great enthusiasm and vigor.

Mr. Eric Knight
Homeroom Teacher
Religion:  Grade 6
Language Arts:  Grade 6
Social Studies:  Grades 6, 7, 8

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