Students are preparing, academically and socially, for high school. They visit Catholic high school campuses and begin reviewing for the entrance exam. In addition to all the 8th grade activities, students are challenged with classes in Church History, Algebra, U.S History, Life Science, Language Arts, Spanish, and P.E.

In order to be aligned with the Common Core State Standards, this year we have included Greek and Latin root words to Language Arts classes. Another change is art. This year, art will be cross-curricular and will include digital art during computer class. Some art activities will be STEAM inspired and project based.

Since we follow the Core Values of the Sisters of Nazareth, service hours are required in each quarter. Eighth graders also have the privilege of participating in Adoration every first Friday. Acting as role models for the younger students, the eighth grade students have Kindergarten prayer buddies with whom they sit during school liturgies, and to whom they offer help with various school projects.

Eighth grade year at Nazareth School is not only challenging, but includes a lot of fun activities. At the end of a very fulfilling and rewarding year, our students will graduate prepared for high school and walk away from Nazareth with many fond memories.

Mrs. Kathryn Valenti
Homeroom Teacher
Religion:  Grade 8
Language Arts: Grades 7, 8
Literature:  Grade 6

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